Remote Desktop with Dual Monitors

I recently came across this, find it very useful and productive at work. If you are using dual monitors, could use the same when doing a Remote Desktop. To use Remote Desktop for dual monitors, type

mstsc /span


and run in the command prompt. There are few limitations in using this though, you can find them here in MSDN blog.

This works in Remote Desktop client V6.0 or higher which means having Vista is ok, Windows XP users might have to update their client. The RDP client could be updated from here


I use a lot of saved RDP connections, in fact have a RDP folder in the Taskbar. If that’s the case, open the *.RDP file in notepad and add this line at the end

Span Monitors:i:1


And finally if you are using SplitView, it supports Remote Desktop with Dual Monitors which means it will take care of resizing windows within monitor and other features for you, otherwise you will have to resize windows manually.


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