BlackBerry JDE and source control Vault integration

I have been developing applications for Blackberry recently using Blackberry JDE in Java. I have always used Vault for source control in Visual Studio and it integrates well with Visual Studio. Here is how to do it in BlackBerry JDE.

BlackBerry JDE supports source control integration as you can see in this screenshot

BlackBerry JDE Source Control Preferences

The tricky bit is to setup the vault command in there. SourceGear Vault has a command line tool “Vault” which could be used. Here is the usage of it,

Vault Command Usage

Here is checkout command usage,

Vault Checkout Command Usage

Now enable source control integration and setup appropriate appropriate commands for checkout, revert and add file for source control in preferences dialog of BlackBerry JDE as shown below

BlackBerry JDE Source Control Preferences - Vault

Checkout Command:

vault checkout -host -user yourusername -password yourpassword -repository “Repository name” %1

Revert Command:

vault undocheckout -host -user yourusername -password yourpassword -repository “Repository name” %1

Add File Command:

vault add -host -user yourusername -password yourpassword -repository “Reporsity name” -commit repositoryfolderpath %1


After you setup these, make sure to setup vault command in path variable for your PC so the JDE picks it up. As for Vista, goto Computer –> Properties –> Advanced System Settings –> Environment Variables as show below,
Environment Variable Settings Vista

Vault Command Path:

C:\Program Files\SourceGear\Vault Client


That’s it, you are all set to go. The JDE with Vault will work fine now. The only problem I found is the inability to checkin files and to specify dynamic repository path in add script from within the JDE, will update the post once I find some info on that.


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