Yahoo Performance Rules & YSlow

It’s been a while since I posted my last blog post on VS 2008, have been busy with the new project, trying to catchup on things. Yahoo have given a list of rules that could be followed to increase the performance of web applications, here are they

In particular I found these rules interesting,

1: Minimize HTTP Requests

3: Add an Expires Header

4: Gzip Components(Not sure how to implement this, finding more info on this)

5: Put CSS at the Top

6: Move Scripts to the Bottom

7: Avoid CSS Expressions

8: Make JavaScript and CSS External
10: Minify JavaScript(For minifying JS, JSMin could be used with JSLint)

12: Remove Duplicate Scripts

Yahoo has released YSlow, their web performance tool that measures web performance based on the above rules. YSlow is integrated with Firebug, my favorite web development helper for firefox.


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